About Me

I’m proof that miracles can happen!  After a successful career helping others become pregnant I was totally blindsided when faced with my own fertility challenge.  That challenge was such a roller-coaster, but I had faith it would be OK.  I had a knack for turning my clients fertility challenges on their heads you see, and helping them create something much more positive - babies!  Now I'm sharing my most popular and successful programme, my Pre-IVF Best Health PlanTM online via my Virtual-Fertility clinic.  In this space, I will help you dream of and prepare for your own little miracle.  With your dedication and my knowledge we're going to create the very best baby-making materials we can (eggs & sperm & healthy uterus!) to hand over to your medical IVF team!  

With love & respect,

Liadh xox


BRING ME TO Pre-IVF Best Health Plan™


Ready to get going? There are three ways to get started right now

Blood Tests

Your medical clinic will have a wide range of fertility tests they'll want you to take.  I have some I want you to take too.  Read about the tests most medical clinics don't look for, even though they may be vital for our fertility and

IVF success.

Antioxidant Therapy

There are foods you should be eating to optimise egg & sperm health, promote implantation and encourage pregnancy!  You will learn all about this inside the full programme.  For now here are some pointers to get you started on this important aspect of fertility therapy in that Pre-IVF stage.


Stress has many guises & its affects can negatively effect the mechanisms that help us create good healthy eggs.  Get behind the scenes and discover one of the top tips I use for stress management within the Pre-IVF Best Health PlanTM  that is key for promoting egg quality before                  IVF.

“Liadh thank you so much for making this possible.  My little miracle came along with your help.  Liadh is so professional and caring and her need for you to succeed comes across in everything she does.  Obviously, her advice and treatment worked!  I would definitely recommend anyone to enroll in her fertility courses.”