I got my miracle babies, now I want to help you get yours.

Virtual Fertility & Pre-IVF Care






Hi, I’m Liadh, founder of Virtual-Fertility and the Pre-IVF Best Health PlanTM

For over a decade I have shown hundreds of clients who are experiencing fertility challenges or are embarking on IVF how to OPTIMISE their chances of success and MINIMISE miscarriage risks.  HOW?  Via my direct and easy to use Functional Medicine, Nutrition and Lifestyle Medicine fertility & Pre-IVF health programmes.

Pre-IVF Best Health PlanTM is one of my most popular and successful programmes.  I've spent my years of clinical practice creating and perfecting this programme for clients just like you and it's based on the one I used during my own fertility and IVF journey!  

This programme works to optimise reproductive health in the weeks and months prior to IVF treatment with the aim of helping you achieve success and realise your dream of becoming a parent.  In truth, many of my clients have become pregnant naturally on this plan!    

See below for a sneak behind-the-scenes peak on why it's so important to OPTIMISE egg health, ENHANCE uterine receptivity, PROMOTE sperm quality, MINIMISE miscarriage risks and believe in MIRACLES.

With love & respect,

Liadh xox


Having struggled to produce good quality eggs for our first three IVF cycles we visited Liadh and her clinic four months before our 4th IVF cycle.  Liadh put us on a 3-month Pre-IVF fertility plan that followed an egg & sperm quality protocol and to our amazement and utter joy we produced SIXTEEN good eggs, two of which fertilised, one of whom is now called Eve!”


See Optimising Fertility sneak peak below OR


Optimise Egg, Sperm & Uterine Health

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Preparing for your IVF cycle

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Minimising Miscarriage Risks

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Creating vitality and abundance inside your body and reproductive cells is the first part of the fertility puzzle. 

But there is more to this puzzle than the physiological side.  There is the emotional side too, and that my dear friend can be a heavy burden to carry alone.  This is why I have also created DREAM, PREPARE, SUCCEED  - a virtual mindfulness and coaching programme for those of you who wish to either build on the mindfulness and self care practices found inside the Pre-IVF Best Health Plan™ or for those who are looking for stand alone Pre-IVF mindfulness support.  DREAM, PREPARE, SUCCEED supports your emotional wellbeing as you go through the various stages of IVF and helps you positively navigate through your journey.  A powerful mix of support and care, this programme aims to keep you emotionally on track during the wobbles and challenges you may experience.  

With me on your team I strive to guide you towards the success you deserve via a mixture of science, knowledge, care and a belief in little miracles.


I am so looking forward to seeing you inside these programmes.

Pre-IVF Best Health Plan™